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Want to know what we are up to or what our long term plans are?  We publish a periodical message to the members as a report from the Post Commander.   It sets the tone for what we are doing to serve our community.  Here is a sampler of what we are up to.  It is our message to our members.

A major factor in our post revitalization program is membership. It takes active members to operate a post. And, it takes an active post to draw new members and to motivate members to spend time at the post. We have a great site and I am determined to make it as inviting, friendly, and a “go to” place for not only our members, but local veterans. These are not just words, they are what we, as American Legionnaires are committed to do.

How are we doing? A lot. If you have not been to the post since the last monthly meeting, you have missed a lot. What have you missed? First, it would be members working. They have been painting waxing, chipping ice off the walkway, repairing the post, hanging pictures, cleaning out junk, repairing tables, and much more. In fact, if you arrive early for the post meeting you will find a number of them setting up the post and preparing the meal.

  • What else did you miss, if you have not been to the post lately?
  • Two home-style meals that were well received. This month we are having roast chicken, dressing, mixed vegetables, and salad.
  • The adjutant has a new office computer that is powerful, uses Windows 7, and is full of the things he needs to serve you better. It can be used for conference calls, with or without video teleconferencing. Access is restricted to the Adjutant and Post Commander.
  • The much talked about Veterans Service Center (VSC) is now open. We held the grand opening last Thursday. A good size group came to the post to watch old movies and play some cards. Some brought snacks and beverages. The best part was that members were joining together to have fun.
  • Computer Lab for veterans. Includes two personal computers that need no special log-in. One is high speed and simplified Linux (works like your cell phone) and one is a Windows XP for those who are used to Windows. The Windows unit will go away soon, as Microsoft no longer supports XP.
  • The Kitchen Pantry was completely redone. It looks great. It’s well stocked, neat, and very clean. The follow-on project is the kitchen. We are looking for commercial equipment and tables to update work areas.
  • The Large Meeting Room now has WiFi. This gives us coverage throughout the building with a strong signal. The room is supported by a wireless repeater safely secured in the pantry. The signal at the stage is very good and videos come up fast and without lag.
    The post had a PA System and the problems with it have been isolated to microphone wiring. The wiring is slated for replacement or repair and we will then use a wireless microphone for meeting to feed the ceiling speakers. This should help our members seated far from the post commander’s dias.
  • A stereo receiver has been purchased for use with the PA System and Veterans Service Center. It will be used with two floor JBL stereo speakers.
  • Sling TV (an independent subsidary of Dish Network) has been approved for use at the post at a cost of $20 per month. Sling TV gives us 16 high end cable channels including ESPN and ESPN2, CNN, HGTV, AMC. It is not completely up yet, as the AV technician is learning as he goes. (We are all volunteers.)
    Chromecast. We now have Chromecast operating in the post VSC. This Google product allows us to broadcast from a laptop to a television. If it is seen in a browser, it can be sent to the screen.
  • A new (near new) wide screen television in the VSC. District Commander Joel Lipsey donated a 37″ screen. The picture is awesome.
  • Ladies Auxiliary meeting area. The VSC is located where the Ladies Auxiliary meets. Excess items, temporarily stored items (seasonal and flags) are now stored elsewhere. A large closed door cabinet with drawers now holds Auxiliary Meeting items. Stored items will soon be sorted and labeled for ease in use, when needed. The floor is cleaned and waxed.This is a welcome item for the ladies. They need a nice place to gather.
  • Post Library. It’s back and is stocked with books and magazines donated by Donald Kritsch. His lovely wife will serve as our librarian to help us sort, display and better use the books. Don purchased a large mobile library cart for magazines and current affairs. You will see it in our meeting room. Feel free to borrow on the honor system.
  • New traffic cones are here and some are getting restored. This is a project funded and done by Jim Mackorell. Jim has also been providing and painting concrete blocks yellow. Jim Munsee has added about twenty additional blocks for Jim’s project.

This list is not complete and these are things that have happened just this month! If you would like to contribute time, energy, equipment, or funds to keep the ball rolling, please contact the post commander.

Most of the items above have been funded by the Post Commander and other members. We are looking now for a new 50″ wide screen for the Small Meeting Room. It will go to the right of the Commander and above the adjutant. If you have recently bought an even bigger screen, let us have your old screen.

Upcoming events include the Marathon Jam on March 21 and the Antiques Fair on March 28-29!

A fun day at the post. Hot dogs, hamburgers, and a movie mid-month. It will be a weekday, most likely a Thursday afternoon. What’s the catch? The Vice Commanders and I will share ideas with you and, hopefully, encourage you to become a member of our A-Team. That’s an “A” for Active Members who are busy making new things and projects a reality. Sign up required. See the adjutant.

Now these are the signs of an active post.

We are proud of our accomplishment and you will find many examples of them on this web site.  Why not explore

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