Memorial Brick Pavers

Our new post home will have a beautiful entrance with a special area for a set of flag poles. Brick pavers will be available for placement in that area and possibly in our patio area.  Members are encouraged to purchase memorial bricks to honor their friends and family.

Engraved brick pavers are 4×8″ in size and now cost $65 each or $75 with a service logo.

How can you order a brick paver?  Just fill out a brick paver order form for each 4″x 8″  paver.  This form is form-fillable.  You can type on it in your browser and then send it to your printer.  You can also print it as a PDF file after you fill it out.  Just print the file to your documents folder.  This gives you a permanent copy and you can email a copy to us with any questions.  You must, however, mail a copy with your check to Post 6.

You can order as many pavers as you desire.  We, however, you will need to complete one Brick Order Form per brick paver.  This ensures engraving accuracy and prevents mix-ups.

Here is the process.

  1. Consider what you want to have on the brick paver and create a rough design drawing.
  2. Download the brick paver order form that matches your rough design (logo or text only).  Download order form  
  3. Complete the form.  We have made the form “form-fillable on-line.” That means you can type your engraving directly on the on-screen PDF.  Save your completed form to your PC, tablet, or phone.Down load this formBrick Order 4×8 Form ALP6 New Apr 2018 Rev1
    1. If you are ordering more than one paver, overtype your completed form–MAKE SURE YOU FIRST SAVE YOUR FIRST PDF FORM.
    2. Save your second and successive order forms WITH NEW NAMES.
  4. Print out each of your completed forms.
  5. Proofread your entries–especially the engraving information.  Take your time and proofread your text.  Your brick will be produced using your form.  You are responsible for errors.
  6. Print a copy of the form(s) for yourself and for mailing to to Chapel Hill Post No. 6.
  7. Attach your check covering the cost of each form(s) to the form(s).  Cost is shown on the form selected.
  8. Mail your brick paver application to us using the address on the form.

Bricks are a donation.  This means that your brick order dollars go towards funding the post’s memorial walkways and, thereby, the American Legion Post No. 6 Memorial. You are not receiving a personal value from your donation. 

Chapel Hill Post No. 6, American Legion, Inc., reserves the right to not accept engravings that contain content that may be considered inappropriate for the Post Memorial.

Want to just make a donation to the memorial and not order a brick?  You can do that too.  Just click here to visit our Donations page.

You can also help Post No. by sharing this link on FaceBook or Tweeter, or just call your family and friends.  They may desire to memorialize a friend or family member who was a member of the American Legion.

Jim Parise is Chairman for the Post Memorial Brick Project.  You can reach him by email.  Click here to email Jim.  You can also call him at: 315-427-7448.

We are placing the bricks on the Legion Road Post Home fireplace mantle during the new construction project.  They will be relocated to the new post home for placement in the flag pole area and walkways.




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