It’s official–We now own the Ray Estate Property

In the small law office of Stewmen, Booker, and Love, Post Commander Bill Munsee “seals the deal” on a new 128 acre home site for American Legion Chapel Hill Post No. 6. The new home site is off NC Highway 54 in Chapel Hill and the Legion intends to break ground in about 90 days.

We have been working on Project New Post Home for over five years.  There have been lots of meetings, discussions, soul searching, and then more of the same.  We solved the problems created by uncertainty and change by creating a Post Revitalization Committee to explore all of our options and then hold Special Meetings to consider all of the recommendations and options suggested by the Committee.

Sometimes the hardest decisions are not made.  They are not made because of fear.  Fear of change.

Our Legionnaires took their time and left their personal emotions in check. They worked hard and tirelessly.

They considered the legacy of one hundred years of Post No. 6.  They understood and respected the personal contributions and service of many hundreds of men and women from 1919 to present was at stake.  And, although there was an attachment to our existing home and beautiful site, our members decided to be bold… To be as bold were those who built our Legion Road Hut. 

They to  chose to sell their post home and property of 65 years and Build again!

A fellow Legionnaire reminded me in Raleigh today, “We have all taken the same oath of service to our Country.  It did not end when we took off our uniform.”  There is much for us to do in our community to serve our veterans, their families, and our community.

“In 1919, The American Legion was founded on four pillars: Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation, National Security, Americanism, and Children & Youth. Each of these pillars encompasses a variety of programs that benefit our nation’s veterans, its service members, their families, the youth of America and ordinary citizens.” Four Pillars of the American Legion

How about you?  Have you served in uniform?  Are you a member or former member of the American Legion?  Are you an unaffiliated member?  If yes, why not step forward and ask, “Can I join the American Legion in Chapel Hill?”  Yes, you can.  Learn how





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And the choice is….

Selected concept design for the post home facade.

This month’s post member meeting presentation unveiled multiple exterior designs for our new post home.  Gurltiz Architectural Group PA of Chapel Hill, post architects, shared three designs previously considered by the post’s Design Committee and Executive Committee.

There was a lot of excitement in the air as the post was soon to be the official owners of 128 acres of farmland.  The closing date was just two days away and the new post home construction will start soon. 

Gurlitz shared their vision and representations of multiple building facades.  We learned more about the blending of the property features with the home, driveways, and potential views.  No final design was presented.  This was a meeting to help the architects understand better the members’ desires for form and features.  

The selected facade is shown above and is traditional/colonial in design.  The rear of the building will face the post pond and social area.

Groundbreaking is expected in about 90 days.

The American Legion invites area veterans to join in their quest for a new post home.  There is much to do during the next year.  Why not be part of it?  Learn more

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Post Membership – “This Post is Jumping!”

A hearty “Thank You” to our members  for their diligence in membership renewal and recommending membership to other local veterans.  We were at 96.7% or 178 active members. We need just a few more renewals or new members to reach 100%.
Chapel Hill Post 6 has a grand opportunity to build one of the best, if not the finest, American Legion Posts in North Carolina.  A post that is welcoming and a place members will want to frequent to use the many veteran and family friendly features on our new 128 acres of Chapel Hill-Orange County.
If every one of us brought just one veteran to the post and each  decided to join, we would double our membership.  But, I know that not every guest will join up.  
We are adding two new things to help us make a difference with our guests and new members.  We will have welcome tags suspended on lanyards to identify new members and guests.  They are uniquely different and in color on a purple lanyard.  If you see a lanyard, look for the tag. 
Make our Guests welcome and help them understand more about the American Legion, our programs, and our new post home.  This was an idea of John Cocowitch–a fairly new member!  It is such a simple thing to do and we should have done it long ago.
For new members, treat them as guests or visiting family.  Take them on a tour of the building.  Identify and introduce the Adjutant, Post Commander, Sergeants-at-Arms, and other officers.  Ask if they have special needs or interests.  They are our future and the future of Post 6.
Did you check your membership card?  Does it show 2018 as the membership year?  If yes, you are all set.  If 2017,  then you are one of the few members who have not renewed.  Your active membership has expired.  See the adjutant or call him.  He help you get your membership renewed.
Don’t forget, invite a veteran to our post meeting, Tuesday, Feb 13th.  Let them see what we are doing with our new post home and share the vision and our legacy. Don’t let them tell you later, “No one asked me to join.” 
Lee Heavlin, Post Adjutant
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The Climb

Are you a veteran?  You’ve served your Country, now consider serving other veterans that experienced what you did.  Become an American Legionnaire.

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We’re Moving? The Second 100 Years

Yes, it is true.  After 61 years on Legion Road, we are pulling up stakes and relocating nearby.  It was a tough decision and a project that was over five years in planning.  We are excited and look at our changes as a necessary part of our post’s growth and continuing legacy to the community.  

In the Fall of 1956, just eleven years after the end of World War II and three years after the signing of the Korean War Armistice, our members sold their first post home situated in downtown Chapel Hill on an 198 x 200 foot lot on Rosemary Street.  Our membership was growing rapidly, as was the town’s population.  It was time to relocate.

Now, it is time to plan for the future.  We sold our property to the Town of Chapel Hill last year, but we are staying on Legion Road until 2019.  

What has happened during the last year?  Well, we  entered into a contract to purchase property on the edge of Chapel Hill in Orange County.  We found a large farm site that offered us lots of space in a growth area that has lots of veterans living nearby.  

There are now several new pages on our site that are dedicated to both our new post site and the American Legion’s Centennial.  They are:

We will publish information on our new home site, the new Post buildings, and our plans for the future on these pages and their links.  We do hope you will visit often and learn more about our changes.

Most of all, we invite all area veterans and non-post affiliated American Legionnaires to consider joining Chapel Hill Post 6.  Our Home is your home.  And, if you know of a veteran in and around Chapel Hill and Orange County, tell them that we said, “Come on by, we are here to serve you.”  Contact us

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Pete Jaeger Memorial Service – Jan 6th

The Post will host a Celebration of Life Memorial Service for 3rd Vice Commander Pete Jaeger.  Pete served our Post and the community with distinction and enthusiasm.  In fact, he was very active in the Post Revitalization Program and focused on future planning, finances, and membership.  His actions were instrumental in keeping the post growing so that we could rebuild and create a positive environment for the next 100 years.

The Memorial Service is SATURDAY, JANUARY 6TH, at 1 p.m. The location is the American Legion Post No. 6, 1714 Legion Rd., Chapel Hill.

Friends and Comrades are welcome to share their memories of Pete.

Refreshments will be provided after the memorial service.

Please wear your American Legion cap.

We hope to see a full house as we gather to celebrate Pete’s service to his country and community. He loved the American Legion and his many friends at the post. See you there.

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Department of NC to Publish Member Directory

The American Legion’s Centennial year is fast approaching. It is 2019 and we’ll be celebrating the assembly of American Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines in Europe to form the American Legion.

The Department of North Carolina is also preparing for their their centennial. Part of their program is a project to create a 100th Anniversary Member Directory. You will soon receive a post card asking you to participate in the project by calling a number and verifying your personal information. No, this is not a scam. It is a real project of the Department.

The Department of North Carolina has partnered with a firm called PCI to produce their Centennial American Legion 100th Anniversary Member Directory for North Carolina. The book will contain a photo of North Carolina American Legionnaires and a “Who’s Who” type of biography. Visit for current details and to see a sample of the book and book content.

The bound volume, with American Legion embossed seal on the cover, is available for sale to American Legion members and their family.  Your participation is encouraged. It is a Department of North Carolina fundraising project.

The company (PCI) represents the American Legion, Department of North Carolina, in this project as a “trusted partner.” The book publisher is Publishing Concepts (PCI) of Dallas, Texas. They have created these books for “35 years.”  The publisher has some basic information about you from the Department and reviews that information with you. Additional historical information is solicited for your entry to include a “then” and “now” photograph. You are also offered an opportunity to reserve or purchase a copy of the directory.

Legionnaires may have received a post card reminder to call them or an email. Both are sent on behalf of the Department of North Carolina Adjutant and bear his signature.

Visit for more information about this project and other important news.

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Christmas is the Season of Memories

Our Annual Christmas Party is fast approaching and a lot of work has gone into it already.  Do you have your calendar marked for 5:30 pm, December 9th? 

Tables are in place, decorations have been unpacked and are going up, the caterer has his final count and there is just a little more work to do. 

This Christmas is especially important to Post 6. We have a 98 year history that has seen us build two post homes and we are about to break ground in 2018 on our new site.   

I like to remind everyone I meet that what we have today and what were are building for tomorrow is the sum of all the efforts of thousands of men and women who have called themselves American Legionnaires and Auxiliary.  Brick by brick (and at our first home log by log, cut on site and assembled by our members),  member by member, and event by event, Post No. 6 has stood tall as an example to other North Carolina and national Posts.  We have also contributed no less than three (we think four) American Legion NC State Commanders during our historic years.

But, I also remind everyone that it is the individual member that makes it all possible.  More on that later, because “That’s another story.”

We hope that you will share some of your personal Post stories with others at the Christmas Party Social Hour that starts at 5:30 pm.  In fact, the best part of the evening may be the social hour.  It includes snacks, wine, and cheese enjoyed to the warm and inviting music of Christmas with all the memories of seasons past.

Here is what Cathy Ladd of the Auxiliary shared earlier today.  This year we are doing something special. We are having a “Wine Tasting” prior to our dinner. We will have four different tables with pairings of wines and cheeses and we still need a few volunteers to help us serve. It will be a great way to learn about wine and have fun as well!”

On behalf of the Post Commander, we wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, as we enter our 99th year of service to the community of Chapel Hill and surrounding areas.

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Post Christmas Party – Dec 9th

Decorations by Pinky and Buddy Fuller

Our post Christmas Party and Dinner is all set for Saturday, December 9th.  

 “A special thanks to Bob Medred and his volunteers who have been planning this year’s party.  While last year’s party was one of our best and an absolute success, I suspect this year’s party will be equally as elegant.  Bob Medred will be asking for volunteers to help decorate the ball room and this is your chance to help your fellow legionnaires and share in our Post camaraderie.  Please come help us decorate, we always have fun.

Our event schedule will be as follows.  We will gather in the small meeting room for a social hour (a cheese and wine tasting event).  Refreshments will be served and Christmas Carols will fill the air. We will then adjourn to our decorated Ball Room filled with poinsettias, Christmas music, and a formal catered dinner. There we will embrace dining with our friends and share stories of the present and past.

I look forward to seeing all Post members, wives, significant others, and invited guests,” Bill Munsee, Post Commander.

Want to see what to expect?  Here is a link to last year’s event.  CLICK HERE

You can see the formal invitation and download a special RSVP response card here.

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Milton E Blackwood Passing

Milton Evander Blackwood, a member of Chapel Hill Post No. 6, passed away on November 20, 2017 at his home in Chapel Hill. Milton was the son of the late William and Elizabeth Blackwood. He was born on a family farm in Chapel Hill on September 14, 1926.

He entered the U.S. Navy in 1944, and served in the Pacific during World War II. He later served in the US Naval Reserve and the North Carolina National Guard. After returning from World War II, he began a 37 year career with the US Postal Service, and retired as Carrboro Postmaster in 1986. After retiring, he began a second career with the UNC Public Safety Department.

Visitation will be at 6 pm on Friday, November 24th at Bethel Baptist Church in Chapel Hill. Funeral service will be at 11 am on Saturday, November 25th, also at the church. The church is located at 9326 Bethel Hickory Grove Church Road, Chapel Hill 27516. For more information and a detailed obituary, Click Here

Milton E. Blackwood has been a member of the American Legion for seven years. Milton was a native of Chapel Hill, Orange County, and he was living on Route 2, Chapel Hill, when he registered for the draft on his 18th birthday. He soon entered the United States Navy for service during World War II.
On December 13th, 1945, then Seaman 1st Class (Signalman) Blackwood was embarked on LST 1077 departing from Guam, Marianas for duty with the Amphibious Forces, US Pacific Fleet, in the Marianas. He saw duty with the USS BLADEN (APA-63) in the Pacific and was on board USS BLADEN in April 1946. In May 1946, Milton left the USS BLADEN just before it departed in May 1946 for the Bikini Atoll.  He also served with Landing Craft (Infantry) on board USS LCI (L)-870, a large landing craft in late 1945 and early 1946.

We do not know how much Milton shared about his naval service adventures with family and friends, but in researching the craft he was assigned to, we found that Milton was in a combat environment ferrying and landing infantry and supplies in one or more landings on the islands that led to Japan and the end of the war. Here is a collage of Landing Craft Infantry (Large) craft that are similar to the USS LCI (L)-870. Our hats are off to him and his shipmates who served in naval amphibious assault operations. They served their Country well.

Military history source:
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