Memorial Day Open House

We will again open our doors and Post Home to the general public as we remember those who served their country but are no longer with us.

A full schedule is planned with a Memorabilia Display in our Small Hall at 10 am.  There will be plenty of things to see that are part of individual member collections from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Panama, the Gulf, and current conflicts.  Our Memorial Service begins at 11 am.

Local Boy Scout Troop 835 will bring a mobile kitchen to cook and serve hot dogs while the Village Band will perform a concert in our Large Meeting Hall.  Food is served at 12:15 and the concert starts at 12:30.  Maple View Ice Cream will be available, too.

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Flintlock’s Morgan Horses on Display

Pete Jaeger with his Morgans

At our Post May 9th meeting we have arranged for a demonstration of America’s oldest registered breed of equine – The Morgan Horse.  Come early and share in the camaraderie with your friends,  as local horse enthusiasts show off their Morgans for your pleasure in our front yard!

Gael Jaeger will give a running dialog of this demonstration by the Beckerdite Family’s presentation of their Morgans.  She will also explain WHY the Morgan Horse was a prominent figure in America’s Military History–from Revolutionary to Civil War to Pony Express involvement!

Gael and Pete Jaeger have been involved in the breeding, raising, training and showing of Morgans for the better part of 40+ years and their contributions to the equine “industry” are many–this is just another fun way to expose others to this wonderful American breed.

Come out to the Post (early – from 5 p.m. on..) and enjoy the exhibition until dinner time. Share the event by bringing a membership prospect for Legion.  We are sure they’ll enjoy the Morgan’s!

Did you know?  The Morgan breed history is anchored deeply in the history of the U.S. military of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Their stamina, compact muscular structure, powerful hindquarters, versatility, reliability, sustainability, endurance, courage, and intelligence, made them prime candidates for military service. By the 1830’s, the Morgan horse was not only a well established, highly respected, widely sought after breed, but its versatility had become legendary. Morgans were also of the ideal size for the military, 14–15 hands, on the average.

When the Civil War broke out in April of 1861, there was a rush to arms with volunteer units being organized in every state including Vermont and New York. Morgan horses were in demand for cavalry and artillery units. These horses not only saw service as individual mounts for mounted enlisted and commissioned officers of artillery, cavalry, infantry and other combat support units, but as team horses for light artillery units
Learn more


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A Cross-Country Adventure

A journey begins.  James H. Mullens, Sergeant Major,  US Army (Retired), and his family are embarking on a cross county trip by bicycle.  James shares his story.  

“I am a 100% Disabled OIF/OEF Vet, recently retired, and I’m riding 13,000 miles around the United States, starting April 2017. I will be riding around America with my wife (also an OIF Vet) and eight year old daughter (not a VET yet), along the Atlantic coast, the Northern tier, the Pacific coast, and the Southern tier routes.”

“This undertaking will be an opportunity for us to see this great nation of ours and to meet the people my wife and I served during our years in the Army (32 years for me and 6 years for her).”

We asked him, “Why are you doing this?”  “The purpose of this undertaking is to raise awareness about Team RWB (Red, White and Blue), the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars), the American Legion, and the IAVA (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Association) among Veterans and the American public. We want to let people know the good work that these organizations do providing comradeship and support to Veterans, their families and their communities. Along the route, we plan to visit with several of them to thank them in person for the support that they have provided me, my wife and the Soldiers and families I lived and worked with over the years.”

“We hope to raise $39,188–our estimated costs to support a family of three for a year on the road. The funds will defer the cost of bikes (our sole mode of transportation), a tent (our home for the next year) and other necessary camping gear, ferry fees during are journey. Any excess funds will be donated to Team RWB, VFW, American Legion, and IAVA.”

“We plan to ride 60-70 miles per day, taking one rest day every week. We expect the trip will take a full year,” he said.

We will keep track of Jim and his family as they travel across American.  We’ll link to photos, news stories, and milestones of his trip.  You can help James by joining many others in sponsoring them.  

Support James Mullens through  Learn more


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How Did You Spend Today?

The Chapel Hill Chamber of Commerce hosted a Bocce Tournament at the American Legion today and there was lots of fun for everyone.  

The skies were clear with a gentle breeze, making for an enjoyable day with friends.  Spring is upon us and the temperatures are in the high 70’s and moving toward the 80’s.  We are looking forward to a lot of events at the post and encourage you to share the opportunity by suggesting and possibly chairing a post outdoor event for our members.  

Click on image to enlarge

You are also encouraged to share the opportunities for an event at the post with your local church, civic group, or family.  We are now accepting summer bookings and may have a few weekends or weekdays available yet for the Spring.


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It’s a New Beginning – Our Second Hundred Years

Yesterday, Post Commander Bill Munsee, Adjutant Lee Heavlin, and 2nd Vice Commander Robert Medred joined the Chapel Hill Town Manager Roger Stancil and Town Attorney Ralph Karpinos for the formal closing of the sale of Post 6 to the Town of Chapel Hill.  

It was a very special day that culminated over six years of study, debate, formal review of needs, and decision to sell.  It was a matter not taken lightly.  It was a gamble, a bold move, and a challenge.  But, like our early post members realized, “with change comes opportunity.”

We received $7.9 million for our current home and property.  We think we are well situated now to locate a site, build a new home, and equip it to serve our veterans.

We are just two years shy of our one hundredth anniversary.  Chartered on October 28, 1919.  Our first members built their post home from logs cut from nearby trees by Rosemary Street.  Axes flew, trees came down, and they were linked together to form a modest log cabin “hut.” It served them well and in 1955–35 years later–they made the bold decision to move into the “country”  and build a new home on then dairy farm land.

Our post had just 61 members in 1955. They had a vision of the future, a future that served not only the now settled World War II veterans, but our Korean War Veterans.  They needed a new home to provide for the huge local veteran population.

Our membership is growing again and is now at about 175 and we add four or more a month.  There are many, many veterans in and around Chapel Hill that are not now members of Post 6.  We hope they will respond as did the earlier returning veterans.  Maybe you are one of them.  If you are, we want to hear from you.

A home for you and your family

We want to hear from you now as we are now searching for a new post home site for our new home.  It will be designed to meet the needs of current conflict members and their families.  It will be equally welcoming to older conflict veterans and their families.  And, we expect the site to be as attractive as our current home.  We have a vision and want to share it with you.

We’ll stay right where we are now through a special lease with the Town of Chapel Hill for the next three years.  Now is not the time to sit back and observe.  You can get involved in one of the many phases of developing the post home.  It’s your future home we are constructing.  

We invite all eligible veterans to join us for dinner before our monthly meeting the second Tuesday of each month.  Just contact our Post Adjutant for details.  For membership info, click here.

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Marathon Jam Coming Soon

The 11th Annual Marathon Jam is at Chapel Hill Post 6 on the last Saturday, in February.  This year it is February 25, 2017.  It starts at 1 p.m. and goes non-stop to 1 a.m.  Come on in and join the fun.

The Chapel Hill event has raised over $150,000 and spinoff, concurrent events worldwide have generated over $500,000 for Fisher Houses!  It all started right here in Chapel Hill.

As part of our continuing efforts to provide support and service to local veterans and our community, we have sponsored the Marathon Jam for Fisher House since 2006.

What’s a Marathon Jam? It is local musicians joining together for a non-political jam to raise awareness and money for military families. They gather at the Chapel Hill American Legion Post at 1 p.m. and play non-stop for twelve hours. New musicians join in all day long to give others a break and the music continues.  Learn more

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98 Years Young

We have entered our  98th year, as we were formed on October 28, 1919.  That is right.  We gathered at a convention in Raleigh earlier that year to form a North Carolina Department of the American Legion and then formed our post.  We incorporated on November 30, 1934.


Carl T. Durham

Our first officers were:

  • Henry V. Koonts, Chairman
  • Henry A. Whitfield, Vice Chairman
  • Luther J. Phipps, Secretary-Treasurer (and later an Orange County Judge and American Legion NC Department Commander)
  • Carl T. Durham, Member Executive Committee (Carl Thomas Durham was a U.S. Representative, 8th District, North Carolina, learn more)
  • luther-j-phippsH. J. Campbell was elected to membership in the new Post.
  • D. O. Granht was elected delegate to the NC State Convention to be held in Raleigh on October 31, 1919.

Other members in attendance were Henry A. Whitfield, Daniel L. Grant, Thomas P. Lloyd, and H. W. Ledbetter.

From 1919 to 1931, the post members met at many different places, including local schools.  Then in the Spring of 1931 they built our first home–a log cabin with basement.  Years later, Judge Luther J. Phipps shared his remembrances.

Judge Luther J. Phipps shared his recollection of the building of the log cabin.  At the dedication of our current post home he said, “Many of you will remember Easter Morning 1931, when we took our axes and saws and went into the woods on Carl Durham’s and Sam Durham’s properties and cut and barked the logs with which the old hut was built.  That served as the meeting place through the remainder of the depression, the New Deal, the Fair Deal, another world war, the Korean Conflict, and until recently.”

This is just one of hundreds of stories we will share as we build our new post home for “the next fifty years” and more.  You are welcome to submit a family or personal story about the American Legion in Chapel Hill, as we are now working on our 100th anniversary and commemorating the event with the dedication of our new post home in 2019.  For the next two years we will do things to build up to that special event.

Submit your stories and pictures to us by email to or by U.S. Mail to:

Chapel Hill Post No. 6, American Legion, Inc.
Attn:  Post Adjutant, Historical Project
P.O. Box 2323
Chapel Hill, NC  27515

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Vietnam Veterans Gather to Remember

vietnam-collageThe Durham area Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) Chapter 530 members gathered today at the Durham Vietnam Veterans Living Memorial.  It was just a few days since Veterans Day, but the members have decided that it was time to honor and remember Vietnam War dead on a monthly basis.  This was the first monthly event of many.

They stood together in a half circle, paid honors to the National Ensign, and one by one stepped forward, saluted, and read the names of four or more war dead.  Then they all saluted.  All of those recognized were recovered and returned home.  One did not and is still listed as MIA (missing in action). He is Harold Lee Harris, Private First Class (E3), US Army.  North Carolina lost 1,609 men and women in Vietnam.

PFC Harris was a rifleman on a combat mission with his unit in Binh Dinh region of South Vietnam on October 22, 1966. While attempting to cross a stream, Harris and another member of the unit were swept away by swift current, and last seen being tossed over and over by the current of the stream.

A thorough search of the area was made, and the body of the other member of the team was recovered four days later, but not that of PFC Harris. The search continued another day, and was then terminated. PFC Harold Harris was a month shy of his 20th birthday.

VVA Members came from both Durham and Orange Counties.   Many were also members of the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and Disabled American Veterans.  Vietnam Vets are doers, contributors, volunteers, guides, and counselors.  All seem to have gravitated towards work and services that help and support others–not just veterans.  All seem to be driven to give back something to their community, for they were blessed and were among those who returned home.

If you would like to attend an upcoming remembrance at the memorial, they are held the first Saturday of each month a the Durham Vietnam Veterans Living Memorial at 600 W Murray Ave, behind Edison Johnson Recreation Center, Durham, NC 27705

Visit the Memorial’s Facebook page.


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Christmas at Post 6

Christmas flagI remember Vietnam and receiving a Christmas packages from my sweetheart and mom.  I remember broken cookies, a small bible, trinkets, popcorn for packing, and the notes.  There is something special about Christmas for servicemen and women.  It reminds us of our service days and those with whom we shared our holidays with far away from home.  Be it World War II, the Frozen Chosin, the Delta, the Highlands, the jungles of South America, Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan and more, we all have our memories.

At Post 6, we gather to remember even more.  Some, like Frank Horner, remember growing up at Post 6, then he watched his kids and nephews play and ride their tricycles in the large meeting room.  Some will remember lawyer and State Commander Luther J. Phipps and others who served our post and went on to be State Commander, American Legion.  Others will remember Bud Childress as he walked about asking, “…whose making the coffee?”  Bob Patton’s tickling of the piano keyboard at our Christmas Parties and Robert Bauman smiling in the corner  because he found a home full of good people to spend an evening with.  Whatever our memories, Christmas is a time to be joyous and to count the blessings that are ours.

You have been mailed a special Merry Christmas letter from the post commander, William Munsee.  With it is your official invitation to our Post Christmas Party.  Mark your calendar’s for Saturday, December 10th.  Silent Auction and social hour starts at 5:30 pm and dinner is at 7 pm.

Dinner is Prime Rib and Chicken.  You get to sit back and enjoy the meal prepared by a caterer on nice china on a well-decorated table adorned with fine linen.  Its Christmas!

Download a copy of the invitation to ensure you get to read it and share it with family as you await your copy. Christmas Party Invitation 2016

After you finish reading it, ask, “Does Betty or Pearl know about this?”  Do not assume your fellow member or Ladies Auxiliary member knows the details of the Christmas Party.  Worse yet, they may have decided not to come because of transportation or other reason.  Your personal phone call or visit may be just the medicine they need to get out to the Post for Christmas 2016.  Give your friends a call.  Ask, “Have your R.S.V.P.’ed…”

This year you R.S.V.P. to Post Adjutant.  You can do it by phone at 919-260-6571 or email to    This year we will serve by random tables so that everyone has an opportunity to go through the buffet in an orderly manner.

A word on our Silent Auction.  It is not just to raise money.  Our Silent Auction is fun and raises  spirits.  We use it as a centerpiece for the Christmas Party Social Hour.  We look at the goodies, laugh about what the bids are, get excited about the possibility of winning and more.  We are having fun and that it what Christmas is about at the Post.  It is our chance to play together and remember years and years of memories.  Memories of post members long gone, memories of the past year’s successes and failures, new friends, and the chance to share the Christmas spirit with others.

For now, plan on coming and R.S.V.P.   Don’t forget to mail your checks for your meal.

New to the area and an eligible veteran?  Contact the post adjutant.  We would like to meet you and your family.  Our post home can be your home, too.  Welcome, Home.

photo (5) photo (4) photo (3) photo (6)

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Vietnam Veterans Remembered – Nov 19

durham-rvn-memorialThere will be a Remembrance Ceremony held at the Durham Vietnam Veterans Living Memorial this Saturday, November 19, 2016 at 12 noon.

The reading of the names of those KIA / MIA from the Durham area will be performed.

This is the first observation presented by our VVA Chapter 530 at the memorial; in recent history. If you are able, please make plans to attend. Click on picture for location info.

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