Why You Should Belong

During World War II, there were 12.5 million men and women in uniform.  This lasted for about five years.  The Korean War saw about 4.5 million in uniform.  Later conflicts saw fewer men and women in service.  The absence of a draft and technology has driven the number in needed in service down, down, and down further.  At the same time, fewer people stepped forward to serve.

In July 2012, the population of our great country was 313,914,040 citizens.  Today, there are about 1,400,000 military.  That is less than 1% of our citizens serving in uniform and defending the rest.

Where just about every town in America and families once provided one or more of their family to serve their country, few now step forward to serve.

Our members have heard the call and dedicated part of their lives to serve their country.  Many returned to or eventually migrated to Orange County and Chapel Hill.  They took off the uniform and went to work making their new home a better place in which to live and work.  They continue to do this today, but we are fewer in number.

We have a beautiful new facility that yearns for youth and family.  Chapel Hill Post 6 has been welcoming veterans for over 100 years!   What about you?  Do you want to continue our legacy as an American Legionnaire in Chapel Hill?

Learn more by reading our booklet, Why Belong

To join, contact us!   Download  American Legion Membership Application Post 6

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