Flag Disposal

Old flagsOur nation’s flag is not to be trashed!  There is a special way to dispose of them and we are here to help you retire your aged flags honorably.

We retire thousands of local flags each year and we do it with the dignity and honors our National Ensign deserves.

Funeral casket flags are also accepted.  We will fly them in honor of a deceased family member.  Contact the post for special instructions and to arrange for this service.  Donations are accepted.  Contact the post

Legion Flag BoxThe post accepts donations to support this program.  The Post is a 501(c)(19) war veterans charitable organization.  Donations are tax deductible in accordance with current IRS rules. Send your check to:

  • American Legion Post 6 
  • Attn:  Flag Retirement Fund
  • P.O. Box 2323
  • Chapel Hill, NC  27515

Need more information?  Send your inquiries to us.

Learn more about American Legion Flag Disposal

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